2600mAh Portable Power Bank Battery Charger For Mobile Phone


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This Solar Energy 2600mAh Mobile Power Supply With Power Storage Function adapt for many Brand of
telephone,and digital camera,as well as MP3/MP4 or anyother digital products.Its superior charateristic
is that its fine workmanship,of good high quality.It is comprise of built-in large capacity polymeric
rechargeable Li-ion protected battery,the charging time is almost up to 60 hours,different from varies
brand or model,while it only takes 4 hours to charge the product with the solar energy power supply,
When it is a nice sunny day,it will be fully charged about 10 to 15 hours more or less.

Solar Power: 0.7W(monocrystalline silicon)
Electric Supply Input: AC100V-240V
Max output current:DC500MA
Built-in Battery Capacity:2600MA
Size:120 x 73 x 10mm  
Color:radomly delivery the products.


1.Keep it away from the incisive objections.
2.Have the products directly up to the sunshine so that it can be easily charged.
3.Do not charge the power supply for a long time with USBcable line or power supply adapters
4.Stop to charge the product when the instruction light indicate that it is already power fully.
5.Do not leave it outdoors when it is a ranny day.
6.Do not use any other adapters to charge the products.

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1 X Solar Energy 2600mA Mobile Power

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