30-50m Colorful Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Anti Lost Aalarm


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For All Android devices support Bluetooth 4.0 

1   Materials: ABS                                                                                                                      
2   The latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology

3   Designed specifically for cellphone/iphone4S /ipad3/ iPad4/iPhone5/iPhone5s/iPhone5c anti lost alarm          
4   Mainly used in: mobile phones, wallet, key,luggage and valuables anti-last,also can be used prevent children and elderly anti-lost or pet anti-lost.                                
5   Product colors: white, red, blue, yellow

Compatible with:  
All Android devices support Bluetooth 4.0 
Samsung Galaxy Note 2,Note 3,S3,S4(Over Android 4.2 )
Google Nexus 4/ Nexus 5 (Over Android 4.3)

Iphone 4S/5c/5S,iPod Touch 5 Gen
New ipod 3/iPod 4/mini/ Air

Usage:keys, kids, dogs, remote controls, etc

Battery: CR2032                                                                                                                       
Working distance for outdoor 50m, indoor 30m
1. It is widely used for trip to protect the important and valuable things,for example baby, mobile, pets, bags or other important things you want. 
2. It has the functions of adjusting distance(1-15m random adjusting), anti-lost, searching, alarm with vibrating and auto-saving electricity.etc.
3. Convenient to use, easy operation, small size and portable.
4. Microcomputer control technique adopted. It consists of two parts: receiver (big part) and transmitter (small part). It works and identifies according to the different codes. The receiver will be kept with the host, the transmitter will be kept with the things which the host wants to protect.
5.Receive and transmitter alarm triggered distance :1-10m adjusted anti-lost, searching function, alarm with vibrating convenient use, easy operation, small size, and portable.

Package Include:
1 X  Colorful Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Anti Lost Aalarm

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