5 Port 1080P Video HDMI Switcher Splitter with IR Remote


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5 Port 1080P Video HDMI Switcher Splitter with IR Remote

1.This 5 port HDMI switcher (also called an HDMI switch or HDMI selector) receives signals from up to 5 HDMI devices, and outputs to an HDTV/monitor, with your desired HD source selected by a simple remote control.

2.You can connect up to 5 of your HD sources to this switcher at the same time,such as your:Blu-Ray or HD DVD player; PS3, Xbox360 or Wii with HDMI output; Laptop or desktop computers with HDMI output;HD video cameras;HDTV boxes;
The switcher then sends the original HD signals to your HDTV/monitor, occupying only 1 HDMI port.

3.Best for HDTVs/monitors with only 1 or 2 HDMI ports left, yet still many HD sources to connect Simply choose your desired HD source with the remote control With HDMI switchers without a remote, you have to stand up, walk to it and press a button on the switcher each and every time you want to choose a different HD source.

4.But with our HDMI switcher, you can just relax on your couch and choose your desired HD source with a simple remote control.

5.And this switcher doesn't even need those messy external power cables!

Easy to install and simple to link any one to five sources to HDTV or Projector display
5-group input 1-group output
Full HD 1080p
Support 36-bit deep color
High performance up 2.5Gbps
Supports 25 meters HDMI Cable on both ends of the switcher
No Power is needed (If input equipment is standard, otherwise power is needed)
Multifunctional on switching: intelligent or mechanical
IR remote
Support HDMI 1.3b
HDCP pass-through
Support uncompressed audio such as LPCM
Support compressed audio such as DTS Digital, Dolby Digital (including DTS-HD and Dolby True HD)
Size: 180×66×25mm

1 x 1080P 5 Ports HDMI Switch
1 x IR Remote Control



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