Anti-Explosion Screen Protector Film For Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500


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Ultimate shock absorption,ultra scratch proof,stretch resistance,non-slip grip
Technical Details:
4-Layered Shock Absorbing Technology
* The fiest :Scatch resistant layer
* The Second:Shock absorption cushioning layer
* The third:Stretch resistant layer
* The Fourth:Air bubble-releasingrepositionable silicon adhesive layer
* Compatibale with :Samsuang Galaxy S4 i9500
Installation Guide:
Step 1 – Please selects a dust-free room to attach.
Step 2 – Use wipes clean the screen’s dust or foreign bodies.
Step 3 – Tear lower protective films, lightly attached alignment phone mirror, down, left, right border.
Step 4 – Removing the upper protective film.
Step 5 – Aligned attached position again, then a little harder to four borders. Please do not press the center part of the phone
Package Includes:
1 X BUFF Shock absorption films
1 X Squeegee
1 X Micro-fiber fabric

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