Bicycle Handlebar Mount Holder Stand For Samsung Galaxy s4 i9500


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* Compatible With:Samsung Galaxy s4 i9500
* Color: Black
* This bicycle phone holder ensures that your phone stays close at hand, whether biking to the market, across town,or in the mountains.
* Conveniently mounts onto handlebars so you don't have to take your eyes off the road to fiddle with your phone.
* Your cell phone can hit the road when you do to provide you with music and GPS directions.
* Ball head swivel design allows you to adjust the display to the most convenient position.
* Holds cell phone horizontally or vertically for easy viewing.
* Suitable for handlebars or stems with a diameter between 20-25mm
* Material: Plastic

Package include:

1 x Mount Holder For Samsung Galaxy s4 i9500

Note: Accessory only! Cellphone not included.

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