Bluetooth Dual System Photo-taking Handheld Holder For Mobile Phone


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*Size: 22.4cm * 3cm * 4.5cm
*Weight:175g(With Package)
*ackage Size:23 * 7 * 3cm
*Compatible with Apple all series mobile phones tablet,Samsung all series mobile phones tablet,domestic famous brand Xiaomi,Huawei,ZTE,Meizu,Lenovo,Vivo,HTC, Oppo and other mobile phones
*For high-end mobile phone tablet, this product is free driver, such as Apple, Samsung s4, Samsung Note 2,Samsung Note 3, Samsung s5,Xiaomi 2, Xiaomi 3,Huawei P6, vivo high-end mobile machine, oppo high-end mobile machine.
*Self-rod also supports business software 360 Ver4.8 camera software, the latest version of the camera beauty, Baidu magic shot, the latest version of Mito Xiu Xiu, Lenovo super cameras
*Where there are on the phone's original camera can set the volume button for camera function can avoid driving

Shaft length contraction 22 cm to facilitate travel carry inside their bags,Tensile length 1.1 m, rechargeable,mobile phone remote control distance up to 50 meters stability control shutter (general bluetooth shutter only within 10 meters)

1)enter the mobile phone "Settings" – "Open Bluetooth -" Click to open the Bluetooth pairing screen
2)Open the Bluetooth shutter switch, observe the phone screen to see if a new Bluetooth device, if no new Bluetooth device, press the phone's Bluetooth Scan button until you see the new device pairing.
3)Click the phone is paired devices, display connected Bluetooth device. So far successfully connected Bluetooth pairing
4)If the above does not appear, repeat the operation until the pairing is successful.
5)If the operation is not successful, please give Bluetooth shutter charging.
6)after successful pairing can enjoy remote shutter to bring the self-pleasure.
7) If the phone comes with its own software does not support bluetooth camera shutter,you can download this product developers to share software,download address:http: // shareid = 2115614996 & uk = 3308505806?
You can also download 360 camera software,download address:
Download the android software please use new camera software to self-Timer

Usage Scenario:
1)In case no one help our take photos we can self-timer,which can avoid making the mug shot and the angle is not perfect posture problems.
2)Group photo to avoid absence, the photographer is not in the photo inside,this product can be resolved.
3)50 meters distance of remote control for remote control, suitable for special occasions taking pictures
4)The shaft is convenient to take photographs quickly  at anytime and anywhere.

Package Included:
1x Handheld Holder(Including Phone clip 8.5cm)


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