Dual Cordless Wireless Mic Microphone with Receiver


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Dual Cordless Wireless Mic Microphone with Receiver

Professional Dual Wireless Microphone System.
This dual microphone system suitable for professional singers on stage in small bars and pubs, mobile disco and karaoke, and home use, then this is the option for you.
Pop/ Shock Noise Protection
Voice Compression
Dynamic Microphone Voice Coil
Comes with wireless receiver for enhanced mobility
Easy to use and affordable alternative that is ideal for meetings, events,speeches, etc.
Connects to most audio devices that have microphone inputs. (guitar amplifier,karaoke machines, etc.)
2 microphones, 1 receiver with 2 built in retractable antennas
Come with a 6.35mm Jack Cable (Jack Cable Length: Approx. 86cm/ 33.86")

Frequency Range: FM121.7-128.7MHz
Frequency Response: 100Hz-10000Hz (±3dB)
Audio Distortion: Less than 1%
Dynamic Range: 80dB
Operating Temperature: 0?-45?
Service ares: 10m/ 393.70"
Transmitter Microphone:
Type of Emission: FM
S/N Ratio: 75dB
RF outpupower: 8mw (50mw maximum)
Frequency Deviation: 75KHz
Battery: 9 V Battery (not included)
Type of receiver: FM
S/N Ratio: 50dB
Reception Mode: super heterodyne space diversity
Audio Output level: >25mV
Reception Sensitivity: 30dB/ µV
Size: Approx. 30.5×11.7x4cm/ 12.00×4.61×1.57"

1x Wireless Receiver
2x Wireless Microphones
1x Manual
1x 6.35mm Jack Cable



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