Fashion Smart Headset Headphone Polarization Bluetooth Sunglasses


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1 Bluetooth version: V3.0 + EDR
2 Transmission power: Class2
3 Transmission distance: 10 m -12 m
4 Radio Frequency: 2.402-2.480GHZ
5 Charging time: 2 hours
6 Talk time: 12 hours to 15 hours (standby 200 hours)
7 calls echo noise cancellation function
8 apply to all mobile phones with Bluetooth

Key Features:

1.supports a variety of Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones to become action-free headset, ready to answer, do not miss. for stereo Bluetooth, mobile phones can be within the MP3 music, wireless connection to a headset to this unit.
3.can be done through Bluetooth wireless adapter (Bluetooth Adapter) is connected to the computer or general MP3 or listen to MP3 music
4.listen to MP3 music, if the phone call, the music will be interrupted after answering completed, automatically return to music listening.
5.standard USB (FS) interface, available travel charger or computer charging.
6.double-lens design, the inner layer of the lens can easily replace, for myopia, presbyopia and other groups to use.
Bluetooth stereo glasses specific performance is as follows:
Unique design without wires, the US-Polaroid polarized lenses and POLAROLD
Advanced digital engine combined with a high-fidelity stereo sound;
Mainstream sunglasses style design, convenient and practical, the lens itself wear, suitable for sports needs;
Hydraulic headset rod structure, completely out of the headphone cable interference;
Sustainable Play 5 hours, charging only 3 hours;
Frequency response: 20-20KHZ;
SNR: 87.2Db;
Frame uses high-tech nylon frames, heat cold, flexible, durable, high strength,
Total of only 52g, suitable for long wear without fatigue;

Pakcage included:

1 x Sunglasses
1 x Earphone 
1 x USB cable
1 x Chager
1 x Box


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