GalaCard GC Cloud Service With QR Code NFC Smart Card For Phone


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Model Name:GC
Dimensions:long 85mm,wide 53mm,high 2mm
Net Weight:15g
Applicable Phone Models:
SAMSUNG:Galaxy Nexus,  Galaxy S3,  Galaxy S3 Mini,  Galaxy S4  Google Nexus S,  Galaxy Note2
MOTOROLA:Moto X,  Droid Maxx,  Droid Razr M,  Droid Razr HD
HTC:One,  First,  One X
LG:Google Nexus 4,  optimus 4x HD,Optimus L5,optimus L7
Sony:Xperia Z,Xperia T,Xperia P,Xperia S
Other:Mi2A,Mi3, OPPO Find5, GEAK Eye,GEAK Mars…with NFC function
NOTE:iPhone mobile phone scan the QR code and edit the information,and save it on the cloud

Package included:

1 x Galacard
1 x Package box

Touch technology brings new social experience: the combination of NFC chip and smart two-dimensional code allows card exchange by touch or scan. Such fashion technology can win extra points from friends.

Bringyou a personalized digital card: a variety of well-designed business card templates can help friends know more about each other; the smart card management function helps tomanagethe connections better.

Mainstream platform support and cloud updates:the card can perfectly support iOS and Android system; the main functions support almost all smartphones; continuously provides APP updates and cloud services.

Lightweight and delicate, portable and practical: GalaCard is of the standard credit card size and portable;you don’t have to change your habits, but can use it anytime anywhere.

Ergonomically-designed and elegant:GalaCard applies the ergonomic "micro-arc" edge design, which suits formicro curvesof human fingers;it’s easy to use and highlights the extraordinary GalaGreat brand.

With GalaCard smart card, you can do:

1.Replace a thick stack of paper cards with a thin GalaCard; you won’t be embarrassed when you send out allpaper cards and you won’t have to write your phone number on others’ cards.
2.Good portability, the combination of NFC and smart two-dimensional code; you can use it anytime you want instead of opening WeChat in a hurry to scan the two-dimensional code in any corner.
3.Personalized card templates with your photoscan help people remember your face; changethe hairstyle? Have a plastic surgery? No problem. You can always show your latest styleto everyone through the cloud editing function.
4.When you exchange business cards with the girl you adore, GalaCard can directly transmit your number to her phone. You don’t have to worry that she will "accidentally" forget to save it.
5.Cloud real-time contact update function;when you change your phone number, you can notify all the contacts at one time instead of spending a long time texting them separately.
6.You can use different GalaCard editions on different occasions with different people. With GalaCard, you can be at ease on various social occasions.
GalaCard smart cards have many amazing, cool and useful functions and application scenarios. Please join us and experience by yourself.


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