Halloween Skull LED Eyes Designer Novelty Home Phone Telephone


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This product is use for home phone ,especially for Halloween.It has two colors ,white and black .As the other home phone,it has no battery.There are two telephone lines,both of them have two interfaces.

1.audio/pulse dialing;
2.Flash off function;
3.The last number heavy drawing;
4.Eyes with LED lights, it will flash when the telephone rang.

Install and use:
1.Take out the telephone and two telephone lines,put one microphone line interface into the left side of the host's jack,and the other end into the microphone jack handle.Insert another microphone line's interface into the jack on the back of the phone,the other interface insert into the telephone wall outlet.
2.Pick up the handset, the handset should hear a "beep -" dial tone, indicating turn, can be used normally. If silent, check whether the contact normal telephone line.

Product specifiction:
18.5 x 12.5 x 12.5 (CM)

Package included:
1 x phone host
1 x microphone handle
2 x telephone line
1 x user manual

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