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Remote treasure host only can control appliances within a space, and to ensure that no obstructions hinder transmitter signal. If you need to control other room Home Appliances,you will need to purchase an extension used together.


Remote treasure (a one host and an one extension)
Make your life be simpler and smart!

Product details:

Inside with 6 The infrared emission head
Infrared Frequency 36K~42K
Infrared length 8-15meters depending on different environment
Control the TV,radio,air condition,TV box etc.
Link cameras monitoring the situation at home anywhere
Support auto modes, AUTO HOME and AUTO AWAY
You can set the boot time of TV/Air condition/DVD in advanc
Control your TV by your smart phone via interne
Support Apps for Android and ISO
Support Wifi 2.4GHz b/g/ Support 433MHz and 315MHz frequencie,(support remote wall switch,support Electric curtains and so on.)

GeekLink 3S:3S YKB
Quick Installation Guide
Please refer to the detailed installation instruction on APP or visiting our official website.
Connect YKB and a router with network cable, as well as a power adopter.

1.App: Install App
Scan QR code on packing box to download App. (Notice: Please scan QR code through UC Brower or other QR scanning tools. Wechat can not support to download App by scanning QR code.)
Or you can download App on the official website www. geeklink. com. cn/ server with mobile browser

When mobile phones and YKB connect to the network via the same WiFi, mobile phone can control electric appliances (the instructor becomes green). Green instructor means local area connection; the yellow one means remote connection; the red one means wireless connection.

Connect automatically
The green one on the top of the diagram refers to an instructor.

3.Add new electric appliances that can be controlled remotely.
Click + on the left sidebar and then choose Create electric appliances”
Set types , names and transmitting equipments of electric appliances that can be controlled remotely, and click”on the top right corner.
Note: It can slide around on the UI.

4.Learning remote control keys.
Press the key that you want to learn on remote controller and try it again when prompted.
After learning it, it will replace remote controller to control electric appliances.
Note: In editing mode, all keys that have been learnt will be relearned.

5.Custom remote control of electric appliances
Click editing” on the right sidebar and then click + in the editing UI. Control list will pop up at the button of the screen.
You can choose control you like and drag it into control panel.
Drag arrow on the lower right corner to resize the control.

6.Smart Scene
Click + on the left sidebar and choose Add scenes”. Set names of scenes.
Add an action. Set up a delay time, description and operation of the action. Note: Enter the name of action; Enter delay time; Choose the device that is responsible for performing the action; Choose control code which support call, IR learning and RF learning.
Click ”on the top right corner to restore smart scene.

7. Timing offline
Click Timing offline” to enter timing management page.
Click Timing” to enter timing setting page. You can set a name, time and action of timing.

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