Mini Magnetic Stripe Magcard Mag Card Reader



Two-way read the card, read one track
Support for keyboard, serial, USB
Bottom DIP switch can choose various functions
Work voltage: DC5V+/-10%
Reader speed: 20-120cm/s
Reader standards: ANSI, IBM/ ISO
Working temperature: 0-45 degree centigrade/ 32-104 Fahrenheit
Relative humidity: 10%-90%
Size: 180x50x45mm
USB length: 155mm


1.Keyboard wedge settings
SW1-select the "Enter"
ON: add "enter"
OFF: don't add
ON: add "prefix/suffix"
OFF: don't add "prefix/suffix"

2.Serial port settings
Baud rate    SW1  SW2
1200            OFF   OFF
240              OFF    ON
4800            ON     OFF
9600            ON   ON
SW3: prefix/ suffix

3.Defines the serial port
DB9: 1:5v, 2:TXD, 3 RXD, 5:GND

Keyboard wedge:
6-pin male connection to the host PS2 keyboard port, 6 hole female port to connect a standard keyboard PS2
Serial port:
D89 directly connected to the host PC serial or terminal
USB interface:
USB port, plug and play

Package included:

1 x Reader
1 x English manual


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