NFC DIY Cardboard Virtual Reality VR Mobile Phone 3D Glasses


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NFC DIY Cardboard Virtual Reality VR Mobile Phone 3D Glasses

Type:3D Glasses
Folding Finished Size: 130X90X75MM
Cardboard application can be put mobilephone's content split screen display, two eyes to see the content is not exactly the same, resulting in 3D display. By using the phone's built-in helical device, when the user rotates the head, in front of the displayed content will produce a corresponding change.
NFC capabilities:First, mobile phone must have NFC capabilities, and support CARDBOARD APP. After have these, NFC is used to automatically trigger the APP.

Notes:Mobile Phone's size in less than 5.5-inch.And you should to download Cardboard Applications,Phone needs to run Android 4.1 or above version of Android.(All feature of Cardboard APP may not be fully used on some models , may only see 3D movies, can not play little games)

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Package includes:

1 X Cardboard(whole one piece)
1 X Magnets
1 X A pair of optical PMMA lenses
2 X Velcro
1 X Magnetic ring
1 X Rubber Band
1 X NFC tag (color random)


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