PC USB Thermometer Temperature Sensor Data Log


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PC USB Thermometer Temperature Sensor Data Log

Description of USB Thermometer:
Monitor the temperature with a USB thermometer. The included software takes temperature readings, records them, and graphs them. Set temperature for Fahrenheit or Celsius, and adjust the intervals at which temperature is read. It can even email you alerts when the temp goes over a limit you specify!

Features of USB Thermometer:
Measures the PC temperature in real time, and measures environmental temperature test via external USB sensor
Data is displayed in °F or °C
Software supports Win2000/XP/Vista/Win7.
Date record to file and dynamic curves.
Measurement data is stored in PC and easily copied into Excel
Data can be sent to presented email address
Measurement range:-40°C ~ +120°C,-40°F ~ +248°F.

Package included:
1 x USB thermometer
1 x CD driver


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