PG-9029 Mini Bluetooth Remote Control Self Timer


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Brand: iPega
Model Number:PG-9029
Battery:Build-in Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Shooting distance:10m

This product is a bluetooth remote control self-timer using for mobile phones, without installing any software. It can be used for iPod touch / iPhone / iPad / GALAXY S2 / S3 / S4 / S5, GALAXY Note2 / Note3 / HTC-G14 / Rezound / G22 and other brands of some android system mobile phones. As part of pre-installed camera software in the Android phone do not have the function of shutter. So self-timer cannot be used. Therefore, you need to install the Android camera software, please go to the following address to download camera software (Camera.apk):

– Automatic recognition phone system, once connected you can use
– Can long distances for use, up to 10 meters without any obstructions
– IOS system just compatible above 5.0 versions
– Use button battery, normal use can up to 6 months old
– Support camera mode (requires manual switching)

User Manual:

1. Slide the power switch to ON, LED flashes once said boot, and then press the shutter button for 3 seconds, LED continues to flash, self-timer can be searched pairing status in this case.

2. Use the phone to search pairing, LED will flashing slowly after pairing successfully.

3. Products enter sleep mode automatically when stop to use about 30 minutes, press the shutter button to wake up the self-timer. When not in use, please set the power switch to OFF to turn off the self-timer to ensure that the battery can be prolonged use.


1.  Do not use chemical solvents to clean the product.
2.  Do not spill strongly acidic agent, apply to the product.
3.  Do not place the product in hot or into fire.
4.  Do not squeeze or not drop the product.

Package includes:

1 x PG-9029 Mini Bluetooth Remote Control Self Timer


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