Remax Nice Shot Remote Wireless Bluetooth Self-timer


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Brand Name:Remax
Type: Wireless
Colors: pink/blue/orange
Mix colors: support
Mix product: support

USE Method

1: Switch on the remote control remote control blue lights flashing.
2: Open the mobile phone bluetooth, search new equipment, and then the connection.
3: Matching and connection after the open cell phone camera software.
4: Can be used to take long distance and in the case of no obstacles can be up to 10 meters.
5: Apple camera phones can directly press the shutter control.
6: Most android phones also can press the shutter control directly photographed.
7: Products in five minutes without using automatic enter a dormant state, when not in use, please press the power button to turn off the timer, to ensure that the battery can be used for a long time.
8: The pictures of the part cannot control cell phone please download camera360 software, and then open the camera Settings in the camera360, set the volume key feature to take pictures

Package Include:
1 X Remax Nice Shot Remote Wireless Bluetooth Self-timer

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