V8 Notebook Ventilation Radiator for Laptop Cooling Fan Silent


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Type: suction radiator
Cooling: Pumped
Size: 95X70X40MM
Product weight: 103g
Power parameters: 12V 600mA
USB Interface: No
Applicable Size: all kinds of laptop
Bearing Type: Ball
Maximum speed: 4800 rpm
Maximum air flow: 7.88CFM
Noise :20-40 db

Manual mode:
Manual mode is divided into a total of five levels (V0-V5), V5 is the maximum wind speed of work, every minute is 4800 rpm, maximum efficiency, the cooling effect is best when the wind speed is V0 when the radiator will stop working.

Automatic mode:
The radiator outlet based notebook to regulate the temperature of the heat sink velocity level; notebook outlet when the temperature reaches 45 degrees, the radiator will work at maximum power, will automatically reduce wind speed rating lower than 45 degrees, when when temperature is below 35 degrees, the heat sink will stop.

4 kinds of air guide sets

Package include:
1x cooling pad
1x AC power adapter
4x Air guide set


Color Black, Color White


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