Wifi SP2 Smart Home Socket Supply Wireless Switch For Mobile Phone


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Model: Broadlink S2
Input voltage: 110-240V
Output voltage: 110-240V
Output current: 10A max.
Power: 0.5W
Operating temperature: -20 to 60 degrees
Operating humidity: 80% RH
WiFi type: 2.4GHZ B/G/N
Material: PC(V0)

1. Operates over Wi-Fi and mobile internet at home and away, turn electronics/applianceson/off from anywhere, anytime
2. Works with your existing Wi-Fi router and smart phones, Android or iPhone
3. Set multiple timer tasks, program your favourite way to automate your appliances
4. You can have 1 Broadlink switch and move it around your house or have many units running at the same time
5. One step setup, only need to provide Wi-Fi password, it automatically does the rest for you
6. The Switch is compatible with Apple (iOS 5 and Higher) and Android (4.0 and higher) devices and your existing Wi-Fi router.

Package Included:
 1 x Wireless Switch

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